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There is one reason for creating a landing page.

They are converting prospects into buyers.

Creating a landing page, especially if you are a small business owner or start-up, is intimidating to go through but very important for your marketing strategy. There is no such thing as a perfect landing page. A landing page needs to be a page that goes through the process of improvement over time. 

However, some characteristics need to be focused on to create a high converting landing page. Here are the four characteristics that successful marketers have found to be essential in every landing page. 

The Flow of Information Needs to be Organized

Prospects visit your landing page for a specific reason, so don’t expect them to hunt for what they want to know. On the top of your page, give your prospect the best and essential feature along with the reason why they need that feature. Also, Include a call-to-action with that feature. 

Placing the CTA (call-to-action) above the page may feel awkward to do, but you must consider that your prospects will not scroll past half of the landing page before they decide to leave. 

recap: On the top of the landing page, you should have

  • The best feature
  • The reason your prospect needs that feature
  • A call-to-action to get your product or service

Headlines Need to be Priority

The headline is what drives the prospect to your offer. It is as simple as that. How do you write a compelling headline? 

Here are some quick tips on how to do that.

Use Colors Effectively

Before you put preferred colors on heading and bold words, it is crucial to consider that colors trigger different emotions subconsciously. 

  • Yellow: Clarity and warmth (Nikon, UPS, Hertz, Mcdonalds)
  • Orange: Friendly, cheerful, confident (Shutterfly, Amazon, FireFox)
  • Red: Excitement, youthful, bold (Nintendo, Target, Lego, Coca-Cola)
  • Purple: Creative, Imaginative, Wise (SyFy, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Hallmark, Yahoo)
  • Blue: Trust, Dependable, Strength (Dell, WordPress, American Express, Walmart)
  • Green: Peaceful, growth, healthy (Whole Foods, Starbucks, Animal Planet, Girl Scouts)
  • White: Balance, neutral, calm (Apple, Nike, Wikipedia, Honda)

If you want to learn more about how colors can affect your brand, Help Scout has a great article on how colors are used in many ways regarding branding, logo, and website design. 

Provide Credibility and Approval

Social proof is essential to have on landing pages because influence is created when a person finds out that others have experienced something. We live in an age where testimonials have become more valuable than a word-to-mouth referral; that is not to say that word-to-mouth referral is not beneficial, but providing social proof gives you credibility and authority. 

There are five ways to add social proof:

  • Customer testimonials (this is a classic)
  • Case studies. Similar to a testimonial. However, the difference is that case studies detail how your service and/product impacted your customer. 
  • Have the number of shares visible to see. 
  • Embed social media posts into the page. 
  • Show how many downloads your product has or how many customers you have provided a service to. 
  • You can use more than one of these ways listed above to provide social proof to your prospect.  

Hubspot has an in-depth article about social proof


As I mentioned before, a landing page is something that you have to improve over time, let’s say, every business quarter. But adding these four characteristics to your stray of creating a landing page will help boost the conversion rates and see the growth you want to see from the investment of taking the time to make your landing page. 

Are you ready to make an impact for your business?

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