A little bit about me

Our bodies don’t last forever. In late 2015, I was installing and fabricating granite countertops with my dad. Every day we would lift multiple 700-pound slabs. We would often carry these slabs up an unleveled slope of dirt.

All that mass can push you around with no problem. When it would rain, that slop of earth became muddy.

One day, after it had been raining, I was carrying a giant slab, and I lost my footing. I tried to prevent from falling by stabilizing myself with my opposite foot, just then the forklift operator ran over my foot and ankle.

Luckily nothing was broken; however, I was out of work for a month without pay.

This was when I realized that my value was tied to my physical abilities, and our bodies don’t last forever, so I wanted to find a career I relied upon and challenged me mentally.

So what did I do during this time?

I learned how to code a calculator using swift. This simple project is what would launch me into the career that I am in today. I joined a coding boot camp to learn how to build web-based applications, decided to freelance, learned how to market through digital media, and started helping non-profits and for-profit businesses with their websites, marketing, and content creation.

As soon as I learned these skills, I realized how much this would have helped my dad’s past granite fabrication business.

I help companies to navigate and maximize the power of the internet because it has changed the way the world does business, and tapping into that potential will give them a better chance at lasting success.

So when you are ready to make an impression to your audience. Let me know.