Apprenticeship for Leader in Mosaic Arts

Done in: 2019 / Customer: Alma / Task: Web Design & Development

What the client needed

ALMA is an Albuquerque Non-Profit that hires youth from Albuquerque for a summer apprenticeship position where they learn the process of project research, concept, and design, the process of creating hand-made tiles, and then installing the mosaic for the public to see.

ALMA needed a website redesign. The previous website was outdated and they wanted a website that would reflect their newly achieved status as a nonprofit.

My part of the project

I was responsible for migrating their old domain into a new hosting server, create a branding docket with their branding colors, new logo, and other marketing elements needed to help them build and grow the nonprofits’ digital presence.

I also had to come up with the design concept of the style they wanted to achieve and then I developed the website using WordPress.